August 29, 2010

Making friends with the vacuum cleaner.

2 Responses to “August 29, 2010”

  1. OMG. Dru HATES the vacuum cleaner. Cries hysterically and starts shaking when it is being run . . . When it is just sitting there, he will say “Hey, hey, hey” and point to it. “Hey” has become his word for things he doesn’t like / is scared of, I think because we use hey when correcting him: “Hey, don’t do that!” “Hey, hey, hey – come back here” etc.

  2. Meghann on August 31st, 2010
  3. Alex was good with the vacuum cleaner until a few months ago. Now he is fascinated and wants to watch it run, but doesn’t want it to get too close.

  4. Holly on September 1st, 2010

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